Easter Race

This is a boardgame created to celebrate the season and involves icons / themes surrounding the vernal equinox from various mythologies (including a family favorite: the traditional Peep Pounding!).

NOTE: Those who are easily offended by “non-PC” irreverence are advised to steer clear of this game (unless a sort of masochistic pleasure is to be had by seeking exposure to things that are upsetting, then by all means: grab your favorite self-flagellation instrument and download away!).

There are lots of pieces-parts to this, print what you will.  A simple, hand-drawn board will work more than well enough.  Also: any of the card or token graphics can be skipped and/or simplified to save on ink.  The card files contain a page for the front and a page for the back.  I use a double-set (32 cards) in the Bonus deck so as not to run out, but I think 16 cards should suffice.



easter race pieces-parts