Beer & Pretzel Space Marines

This is a down-and-dirty shoot-em-up miniatures game centered on the actions of an intrepid squad of grunts (based on the Colonial Marines in “Aliens”) surviving the best they can against galactic nasties. It is designed with solo play in mind with the player (or a pair of players cooperating) controlling the Marines. The spaceship will land at the Con and be available with two scenarios for one or two players (and another could play the bugs -not many choices to make, but good mindless fun squishing squadies!). Games last around 2 hours depending on how well (or poorly) things go. While properly executed small-unit tactics will pay dividends, players need not be fluent in such knowledge and time-consuming ponderings will rarely yield benefits worth their cost.
Like the Sarge says: “Don’t think…SHOOT!”


SCENARIO #1. While investigating a distress beacon from a drifting freighter, the squad finds signs of battle but none of the crew.  At the far end of the hanger deck they come to an elevator that is stuck above.  Suddenly, a klaxon sounds a warning blast and over the intercom the ship’s computer announces: WARNING.  THE SHIP’S AUTO-DESTRUCT SEQUENCE HAS BEEN ACTIVATED.  ALL PERSONNEL HAVE 20 TURNS TO EVACUATE THE SHIP BEFORE DETONATION.

The Sarge knows that it took around 15 turns of no-nonsense movement for the squad to get this far, so there’ll be no time for souvenier hunting on the way back to their transport ship.  Then one of the Marines monitoring a sensor reports “Sarge, I’ve got movement above us” and she knows getting back has more than time to fight…

SCENARIO #2. The independent cargo ship “Wilma” was on a typical job (ie- completely illegal) transporting a shipment of fairly large, well-sealed containers.  The huge payment promised and the obvious great value attached to the cargo by their client led the more curious of the crew to take a peek inside the containers (with an eye, perhaps, towards “lightening the load”). 

Soon after, the surviving crew decided that a few years in prison for smuggling was preferable to violent dismemberment, and they dialed “911”.  Battling nasties the entire way, a handful has managed to fight its way to the hanger bay deck, and the cavalry (in the form of Federation Shock Marines) has just arrived.  Looks like they might just make it after all…