Air Combat

This area deals mainly with my 15+ years’ effort to create a game that doesn’t depend on pointing models at each other to determine firing opportunities.  While currently focused on WW1, the concept may apply until the speed and range of jets and missiles breaks the core idea of ‘engagement areas’.  While the odd ‘no-pointing’ aspect of the game is the most salient difference, perhaps the most useful general idea/goal that may result from these rules is the ability to play a sizeable aircombat game without the need to gather a half-dozen or more players around the table.  Some blathering on my thinking for the concept can be found in the ‘designer notes’ download.


ww1 aircombat designer notes

The ‘Sample Play’ section holds photos of play that include descriptions of the use/impact of certain rules.

The ‘AAR’ section holds photos/descriptions of scenarios that are intended to display the type of game to be had using the rules. Unless otherwise noted assume that all are played solo – a feature of the rules that arises naturally from the vague display/control of each aircraft’s activity on the tabletop.

There are also some (mostly) 1 v 1 fights posted to a thread on “The Wargames Website” .